Evrazia Kennel FCI

Caucasian Shepherd dog 


We give our clients all the information, photos and videos that they need to decide which puppy they prefer to get at home (if there is a posibility for choice). Once the clients chose their new puppy we start the process of obtaining it.

We accept the payment in advance. The client could make a bank transfer, Money Gram payment or Western Union payment.

As soon as the transfer is completed and we receive a confirmation about it we strat preparing the puppy for the flight: make a flight reservation, buy a transport crate, go to the Federation of Cynology and prepare its FCI pedigree at the name of the new owner, get a health certificate from the Local Health Department, visit the vet for checking the puppy's health condition, prepare the vet passport for the trip, check current vaccinations and make a deworming, make all needed flight documents and pay all cargo fees and taxes.

It ususlly takes 3-4 working days.

We transport our dogs by airplane to the countries from North and South America, Africa and Austrailia. The transport to a country in Europe and Asia could be done by air and land. The way of transport depends on the delivery destination, preference of the client and the possibilities of the cargo agencies. We don't use brokers or traders so the client has to go and receive the puppy at the airport or at the place of delivery. The client is previously notified about the date and time of the delivery.

The papers of the puppy the client receives by the local post service. It is neccessary because the cargo agencies don't take the responsibility about lost paperwork sent with the puppies. It's more safe to send them that way and we pay for that service of course.


Several ADVICES for our clients:

1. The Caucasian shepherd dog is a strong and agressive guard dog. CO would guard you and your property until death (it may means the violator's death too) so put huge signboards that there is a dangerous dog. 

2. It needs more space to run and play to maintain its physical shape and the owner must know that CO would need fenced yard because of its suspicion and agression to strangers.

3. The caucasian dog has really hard and strong character and you must show it who is the leader in the very begining. The dog must respect its owner.

4. Love it, love it, love it! This is very important and not only to love it, but show it your love. These dogs need to feel that you love them as much as they love you otherwise you could lose their trust and this is not good for you.

5. Do not overfeed them. If you do it you would cause them some joints and bones problems, obesity, stomach upset and other diseases.

6. Caucasian ovcharka needs fresh water through the whole day especially when it's hot outside. Don't forget to give enough.

7. Comb your caucasian ovcharka. This process helps to remove the old dead hair and let the new grows up.

8. Deworm and do vaccinations - it is good for the whole family and the other animals in the house too.

9. The caucasian ovcharka loves the children, but only yours, so do not let the neighboring kids come and touch it in case that the dog didn't show you that they are welcome.


If you think that the caucasian ovcharka is definitely your dog and you agree with our purchase terms you are welcome to fulfill our Client Questionnaire